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About Beloit Precision

Making the Impossible Possible

Beloit Precision was built on the belief that anything is possible until it is proven otherwise. The first tool built by our company was a tool that everyone said could not be built. That progressive die is still running today, over 30 years later!

We approach each project with a can do attitude that we submit you will not find in any other precision stamping supplier. In the words of our founder:

"Innovators are people that do what most people say can't be done. Imitators are the people that said it couldn't be done, catching up to the innovative ones that are leading the way."

We Value Long-Term Partnerships

At Beloit Precision we always keep improving and growing with our customers. Our goal is to anticipate customer needs by taking a leadership role in the partnership. This approach saves time, money in many ways including, reducing staffing needs, reducing inventory and warehousing costs, reducing the quantity of vendors in the supply chain, and reducing time to market.

We invite you to review our web site to learn more about our services and production capabilities. Then either contact us or use our RFQ form to discover how we can develop partnership together.

CAGE Certified / ISO 9001 Certified

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Beloit Precision, 1525 Office Parkway, Beloit, WI 53511

Beloit Precision offices are located in the heart of the manufacturing district.

Satisfied Customers

Beloit Precision: Methode Electronics, Inc.: 521 phosphor bronze terminals Methode Electronics, Inc.

Produce high volume of electric connection terminals that require tight tolerances . . . more

Beloit Precision: Johnson Controls Inc.: Grids for lead-acid batteries Johnson Controls Inc.

Wanted to develop a system to stamp lead grid for its battery division . . . more

Beloit Precision: Stratos International, Inc.: Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) optical transceivers Stratos International, Inc.

New cage versions for small form-factor pluggable (SFP) optical transceivers . . . more

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