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Successful Products are the Result of Accurate Prototypes

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Beloit Precision's experienced team has a multitude of options and resources to work with to develop part prototypes. Our track record for developing prototypes that turn into product successes is very good.

Our prototyping service decreases development time, increases cost efficiency and most importantly helps our customers catch potentially costly mistakes early in the process when changes are quickly and easily made.

Best of all, Beloit Precisions prototyping service is available with little or no tooling investment required for the design phase of a program. From concept to tooling, production to finishing, every process is designed for precision manufacturing.

Tooling Design

Beloit Precision: Tooling Design

We design and build our own high quality tooling. (more)


Beloit Precision: Prototyping

Our prototyping service quickly speeds your products to market. (more)


Beloit Precision: Consulting

We offer customers the expertise needed to set-up a successful metal forming line. (more)

Value Added Services

Beloit Precision: Value Added Services

At Beloit Precision we go the extra mile to help you manage your supply chain. (more)

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