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Tooling Design

Designing, Building and Maintaining Progressive Tooling
for Our Customers

Beloit Precision: Tooling Design

We can accommodate virtually any shape or complexity and specialize in intricate close tolerance metal stamping.

We can work from your blueprints or finished part to develop tooling that in many cases replaces manufacturing steps, such as welding, casting, or fabrication, with progressive tooling that combines theses steps into one seamless process to save money while producing parts that are better than the original.

We See the End Result in Three Dimensions

When we design tooling we start from the same flat strip of metal, but unlike our competitors, we see the full range of possibilities and design creatively to incrementally transform that flat strip into a fully functional three-dimensional part.

We've successfully developed production tooling for customers whose other suppliers had given up hope. What gives us the edge? We think in 3D.

Beloit Precision: Tooling Design: Grinding Room

Tooling Design

Beloit Precision: Tooling Design

We design and build our own high quality tooling. (more)


Beloit Precision: Prototyping

Our prototyping service quickly speeds your products to market. (more)


Beloit Precision: Consulting

We offer customers the expertise needed to set-up a successful metal forming line. (more)

Value Added Services

Beloit Precision: Value Added Services

At Beloit Precision we go the extra mile to help you manage your supply chain. (more)

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